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Our Frequently Asked Questions About Brick Fencing

  • Are you a Registered Building Practitioner?
  • Do you have public liability?
  • Are you skilled and qualified in traffic management?
  • Are you WorkSafe accredited?
So, it’s decision time to build a brick fence to compliment your home, to give you privacy, security, child safety, noise attenuation, to add value to your home. But there are things that you should know before you commence your project.
  • If your fence exceed 1.2 metres in height, you do require a building permit from your local authority.

  • If your fence exceed 1.5 metres in height you do require a dispensation.

  • Dispensation will take you to a maximum height of 2 metres.

  • If your house is on a corner, you will require a dispensation to exceed 1 metre in height within 9 metres of an intersection. Each circumstance is treated individually by the local authorities.

  • You may know, but if not, check with your local authority to find out if your home is in a heritage overlay area or if town planning is required (most times this may not be of concern but it is a procedure that must be resolved, and approval gained, before proceeding with your building permit application).

  • Some local authorities try to limit overall heights to 1.2 and 1.5 metres, but this again, is treated on an individual basis.
Apart from building permits, again depending on the project, the local authority may require:
  • Hoarding permit for public protection.
  • Asset protection eg. damage to council assets (footpath, curbing, nature strip, trees, shrubs). This is refundable if no damage occurs.


If your project exceeds $5,000 in value, you may require a Registered Building Practitioner of which the local authority will require evidence.

If you project exceeds $12,000 your work must be carried out by a Registered Building Practitioner and have the appropriate letter of eligibility to obtain builders warranty insurance.

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